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About The AssignmentTracker X Project

The AssignmentTracker X Project is a project dedicated twoards creating an Open Source and freely distributable application on Mac OS X for students that aids in keeping track of your assignments and grades and keeping all your information organized. It's project policy to adhere to the Open Source Definition so you/ your school/whoever can freely copy, modify and distribute AssignmentTracker X as it's licensed under the GNU General Public License version 2.

AssignmentTracker X consists of a series of tools that help you in various aspects of keeping track of everything throughout your classes, amongst these are tools that enable you to easily sort out your assignments by, class, due date, priority,etc or lookup lists of assignments due this week or the next 2 weeks and various other methods to allow students to know virtually everything thats going on in their classes and know exactly what they need to work on. The latest version of AssignmentTracker X 2.0 (in the works currently) takes advantage of the power in Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger by utilizing the Core Data framework and providing an easy human readable XML file.

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