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About The AssignmentTracker X Project

The AssignmentTracker X Project started out of a need I had to have a centralized method of keeping track of my assignments and being able to also track my grades in the same application on my laptop. Previously I had some of my assignments information on notes in my notebook, but then after a while it got harder and harder to find everything as the term went on, and other methods yielded similar results.

So I went on the internet looking for a free assignment tracking application for Mac OS X or Windows or even Linux. At the time I could not find anything on any software site that remotely did anything like this. So when I came home for a break from school, I immediately began learning Cocoa/Objective-C. For a long while I keept working till I thought I had mastered basic Cocoa/Objective-C. After that I began working on AssignmentTracker X with some of my free time everyday.

Since then the AssignmentTracker X project has been working to develop tools that help students manage their assignments, find out their grade in any class or as close a guess as is possible and do a whole lot more. Additionally the open source nature of AssignmentTracker X makes it easy for students, schools and educational institutions to freely download, copy and modify AssignmentTracker X to their needs. I also make it a priority to listen to the needs of end users and communicate with students and teachers to make AssignmentTracker X better for everybody.

ATX & Open Source

I believe that open source software can be very benificial in many areas and educational software is one of them. Shortly after starting this project I realized the benifets that could be passed on to the educational community by opening up this software and placing it under the very open & liberal GNU General Public License.

Since then I have made it project polocy to adhere to the Open Source Definition as published by the Open Source Initiative(OSI). It is this reason that I put the OSI Certification mark here to show my commitment to keeping AssignmentTracker X open source. I believe all students, schools and educational institutions should be able to download, copy & modify AssignmentTracker X freely, further anybody making a derivitive of AssignmentTracker X can freely add in updates by following the open bug tracker and studying future relases source code as they wish.

About this Site

This site was created entirely on my PowerBook G4 ( Mac OS X 10.4 ) initially running off of Apache/PHP on my powerbook then fully running off of Apache/PHP on John's Red Hat Enterprise Linux server with all pages on this site being periodicly validated against W3C's XHTML and CSS validators.
I used the following software to create/run this site...

Apache Web Server for hosting this site
PHP for all dynamic content as well as making the page template easy
MagpieRSS - for making it easy to parse in all the feeds into PHP
Red Hat Enterprise Linux the OS which John's Webserver runs on