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This is a list of frequently asked questions I get. This page is being regularly updated.

Q: Will you do a Windows version of AssignmentTracker X?
A: NO Why? A Windows version of AssignmentTracker X was attempted before and overall it just drains rescources and slows down development tremendously especially from the Mac version. Additionally since there is no Cocoa/Objective-C environment for Windows I'd essentially have to build it from scratch and due to limitations of Windows in General it would never be able to match the quality of Mac version irregardless of wether it was done with .Net/C# or with Win32(Visual Basic, Visual C++,etc) or any other development environment for Windows.

Q: Did you just put a "X" onto the end for the heck of it? Or to make it look cool?
A: No AssignmentTracker X was started at a time when many apps were still making the transition to Mac OS X in the first place. I was a bit baffled why many apps still weren't OS X native. So when I started coming up for a name for my project I decided to call it AssignmentTracker X which stands for...

AssignmentTracker for Mac OS X.... It Sure beats AssignmentTracker FMOSX.

Q: How do I Request a feature to be added to AssignmentTracker X?
A: There are several ways you can do this, the most prefeered ways are:
Filling out a feature requrest (Please use this one first)
through the forums or
through the mailing lists
this will help me to better keep track of what features have been requested and keep you in the loop as to what's being updated. Please give us detailed information as to what your asking for in a new feature so I can better help everyone out.

Q: I've discovered a bug! How do I report it?
A: Read the instructions on Bug Reporting Page as how to file a good bug report and where to do it.

Q: Why do you require people to login to Sourceforge to file reports,bugs,requests,etc?
A: A few reasons
(1) So I don't get spammed (or as i've seen on other mailing lists it at least reduces spam greatly)
(2) So I get better bug reports/feature requests, etc. which helps everybody out
(3) So I can send messages to the reporter, if necessary, asking for more info about a report/request they filed