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Contact & Feedback

One thing I was determined to do when is started on this project is to listen closely to what the users want in AssignmentTracker X and just any constructive feedback in general that people have. That being said there are several methods to get in touch with me and/or submit feedback on AssignmentTracker X.

You can send any e-mail regarding AssignmentTracker X to me @ colin [at] atxproject.net though all e-mail is just forwarded to atxproject [at] gmail.com so either address will do.

You can post messages on the AssignmentTracker X Forums hosted by Sourceforge.net. Note that you need to be logged on (free registration) to post messages on the forums.

Mailing Lists
There are two mailing lists graciously hosted by Sourceforge.net which you can use to get in touch. You can subscribe to these mailing lists and view the messages from them here http://sourceforge.net/mail/?group_id=120872.

Reporting Bugs
If you believe you have discovered a bug in AssignmentTracker X please go to the bug reporting page to see how to determine if the bug has already been reported, and how to report the bug if nobody else has.